Jordan Roman - Hypnotist

About Jordan

How does one discover their calling? For some, it takes years of trial and error and experimentation. But for Jordan Roman, it was fate that led him to his talent.

Jordan was your everyday college student, doing typical things a college student does. Staying up until the early hours of the morning writing papers or finding ways to entertain himself and friends. While joking with his roommate, Jordan flipped through a phone book and blindly pointed to an ad. He told his roommate whatever his finger landed on would be his profession. He picked an advertisement for a hypnotist.

Intrigued by his selection, Jordan chuckled about it as would anyone else, but kept it in mind. After doing years of self-reflection & research, Jordan chose to delve into the concepts and theories of hypnosis. Seeking tutelage and mentoring from the greats within the entertainment field of hypnotism, Jordan made the trek for years from Southern California to the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas. Honing his craft in Sin City, Jordan saw that he was able to entertain the masses with the practice of hypnotism coupled with his ability to relate with individuals on a universal level.

Having been a high school teacher, as well as wielding experience in the financial & real estate industry, Jordan is able to adapt and relate to any demographic that is his audience. Whether it is a graduating class of high school seniors about to transition to the next stage of their lives or demanding individuals of corporate America; Jordan is the ideal choice.